Chiropractor Questions Spondalytis

Will hot fermentation help treat spondalytis?

I have spondalytis and I would like to treat it with alternative treatments, instead of the standard treatments. Will hot fermentation help treat it?

4 Answers

Thank you for your question. Hot Fomentation or hot compress application will help decrease muscle spasm and pain you are experiencing on your lower back. However, if you have spondylosis or spondylitis which is a chronic condition of lower back, you will be needing more than hot pack application. Physical Therapy treatment will help you to decrease your pain, improve your strength, improve your flexibility and overall improve your function.
If you are asking about Ankylosing Spondylitis, its an inflammatory type of arthritis that can be treated by controlling inflammation. Long term treatments include using anti-inflammatory medications, which might have severe side effects. I would recommend Functional Medicine as an alternative treatment, for more info you can check my website:
Fermentation is the process of making alcohol from carbs. So I assume you meant fomentation. Which generally means putting heat on the area. I usually recommend using refrigerator temperature cold. Not ice (freezer temperature), or heat. Heat always feels good and relaxes muscles, but is very inflammatory. Ice is anti-inflammatory, but makes muscles tense. Refrigerator temperature gives you the best of both worlds- reduces inflammation and relaxes the muscles. Keep your cold pack in the refrigerator and use it. Since spondylitis is inflammation of the vertebra it should help. If it is not ankylosing spondylitis, chiropractic can help tremendously.
I am not familiar with hot fermentation as a therapy for Spondylitis but heat in general is good for this condition.