Pediatrician Questions Burns

How are hot water burns treated in toddlers?

Yesterday, while bathing my 2 year old son, some hot water fell on his hand. How will this burn be treated on my little one? Please, any advice would help. We aren't sure of what to do.

2 Answers

Put hand in cool water and apply neosporin with lidocaine to help the pain. Keep hit water heater < 120 degrees so there will be no accidental burns from the faucet.

It depends on the degree of burn your son has, but typically, we recommend daily antibiotic ointment dressings (apply antibiotic ointment and cover with gauze) for burns with blisters and redness (second-degree burns); try not to pop any blisters. If there are no blisters but redness (1st degree burns), you could treat it by simply keeping it well-moisturized with a non-fragranced lotion for sensitive skin like aquaphor. If the burn is worse than described above or you're concerned for any reason, however, I
would recommend scheduling an appointment with his pediatrician for it to be further evaluated/treated. Hope this helps!