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How can I help my daughter stop grinding her teeth?

My daughter is 9 years old and I saw that she grinds her teeth while she sleeps. She deals with some anxiety, so I believe it's from that. How do I get her to stop?

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Hello, you can look into getting her a night guard that will help prevent her from grinding her teeth at night. Thank you for your question.
Children grinding their teeth, can cause damage to their teeth. Wearing an appliance at night will help. You may want to get some help for her anxiety problems. Dealing with anxiety by developing coping strategies can be helpful. Your daughter may need more positive reinforcement to build her self confidence. Praise when your daughter does well. And encourage what she needs to work on. Spend some time doing something your daughter likes. Children are overwhelmed by what they think is expected of them and may be afraid of disappointing you. If you make a big deal out of your daughter grinding her teeth, she is doing it while she is sleeping. She can't control it. Focusing on this, may make your daughter's problem worse.
Some grinding in the mixed dentition, when posterior baby teeth, are there is common. Stress or anxiety can contribute to para-funtional grinding habits. Studies have also linked this grinding with nightime breathing issues and sleep disorder breathing. Stopping the habit may require a multifaceted approach but an evaluation by an orthodontist may be suggested.
Unfortunately you can’t make her stop, but you can protect her teeth by getting a night guard fabricated for her. Your dentist needs to take an impression of her teeth. Hopefully soon the reason for her anxiety will be resolved.
It is pretty common for kids to grind at night. Often, just touching the chin or face lightly but with some pressure will disrupt the parafunctional habit she is exhibiting. When you visit the dentist or doctor next, have them evaluate her tonsils/throat area. She may need an evaluation for tonsil removal. I would recommend an ear, nose, and throat doctor for that.   
Dear parent you should bring your daughter to pediatric dentist for evaluation and to order night guard