Dentist Questions Abscess

How critical is a wisdom tooth abscess infection?

I think I have an abscess infection where my wisdom tooth is. Is this a critical situation? Should I schedule an emergency appointment?

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I would definitely schedule an appointment to have this looked at. Wisdom teeth will sometimes come in at an angle and cause a pocket/cyst which can cause you to have an infection
If you want to be pain free and have a healthy mouth, then get to it.

Dr. Jensen
Yes it is very critical. I would call and get an er appt for sure
Yes, in the presence of an abscess, it is important to get seen by a dentist. The dentist will evaluate and manage the site and provide the right course of treatment. Neglecting dental treatment can result in larger pain and infection.
Yes, this is a critical situation that absolutely requires an emergency appointment for diagnosis purposes so that proper Treatment could be recommended.
It is very important to go get some antibiotics and then remove the tooth. The infection can spread to your throat and lymph nodes and make it hard to breathe!
Yes, schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist, who may treat you or refer you to an oral surgeon.
Yes it can be critical if the infection gets to the inferior alveolar nerve or the adjacent teeth. Also it can cause excruciating pain.
Very! Untreated it can put you in the Hospital or worse. It’s one of the most concerning conditions in Dentistry. Don’t wait on this.
One person in 25 has room for all 4 wisdom teeth. If you have throbbing pain and swelling, your dentist may want you placed on an antibiotic. Because of where your wisdom teeth are located in your jaw, an infected wisdom infection can effect areas near your wisdom teeth. Depending on your pain/swelling, you may want to take care of this ASAP.
It potentially can be. You should call the dentist ASAP