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How do I strengthen my back scoliosis?

I am a 33 year old female and I have scoliosis. How do I strengthen my back scoliosis?

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All exercise and strengthen of the back including scoliosis need to include full range of motion and be dynamic.
My recommendation is to look for a specialist in scoliosis.Try
That’s a great question! Honestly, it depends on the degree of scoliosis, as well as what condition your spine is in to say what exercises you are able to do to strengthen your spine. I’d recommend a consultation to talk with a doctor, and an exam and maybe even some X-rays to see what’s going on!
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Dr. Josh Barton, DC

The proper way to correct a scoliosis will depend on the origin/cause. There is functional scoliosis vs. structural scoliosis. With functional, you identify the reason for the curvature (elevated hips, tight hip flexors etc.) and correct it. With structural, the bones/joints have been formed incorrectly and thus cannot complete be resolved at 33 however you can help relieve some of the symptoms by stretching the side you lean to and strengthening the opposite side.

Working with scoliosis is more involved than I could explain over this format. The best way is to schedule a consultation/exam with a chiropractor or physical therapist, and bring any data you have films/reports, etc., and then you can get more comprehensive information provided to you to help with your scoliosis.

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Dr. Churchill
With scoliosis, you strengthen your back similarly to everyone else. However, a chiropractor could help you decide which moves are important to modify or may worsen your curve. They can also help you to maintain or improve your current curvature, depending on your case. It is important to work in all planes of motion, so don't just focus on forward and backward
motions. Add in rotation and lateral bending too. Start with body weight exercises, as they are the most safe. Go slow so you don't get too sore. I highly recommend getting an exam from a chiropractor for more information, as it depends on your unique case.
Doing balance exercises and core exercises such as side planks on the weaker side first.
Go to the chiropractor if you’re able. Otherwise search ‘lower back workout with Dr. Eric Goodman’ on YouTube for a great back exercise to help strengthen the back. This will take you doing the exercise daily, likely for a few weeks to feel improvement.
The best way I found is through balance exercises. While yoga can help, you want to be careful how its done. There are Yoga for Scoliosis DVDs out there. Swimming and horseback riding can help. standing on a BOSU ball or doing exercises like Bird Dog (from hand and knees, raise opposite arm and leg and hold still 5 sec.) Chiropractic can help when someone knows not to adjust hypermobile joints. Very gentle techniques can send signals to the brain and back to the area creating better brain-body awareness and therefore greater control of joint posture and movement patterns.
I recommend seeking out a Physical Therapist for this issue. They have the best programs for Scoliosis.