Chiropractor (Pediatric) Questions Scoliosis

How do chiropractors treat scoliosis?

My son was diagnosed with scoliosis and it's getting treated with a back brace. But the back brace is really uncomfortable for him. I told his doctor about this and he suggested for my son to have chiropractic treatment. How do chiropractors treat scoliosis in treatment?

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Chiropractic treatments will help to guide the realigning of the spine with the brace over time. I’d highly recommend that. As the brace works to change the structure, adjustments will help ease discomfort and restore normal spinal function.
Being adjusted regularly could lessen the degree of curvature or prevent an increase in the amount of curvature in association with scoliosis.

A number of people suffer from scoliosis. Typically, scoliosis begins as a minor bend in the spine that gradually progresses. In fact, for the diagnosis of scoliosis to be made, there must be a minimum 60 degree sideways curve of the spine. Once the spine has advanced to this stage there are often severe health consequences. The good news is that if the bending of the spine is discovered and cared for properly during its early stages, it can be prevented from advancing over time. This article discusses how chiropractic care can help.

Many ideas regarding the cause of scoliosis have been researched and there has been little consensus regarding its origin. However, the studies have shown that scoliosis is more likely to occur in young adolescent females. Many times a small bend in the spine begins with the simple misalignment of a single vertebra. Over time, the body begins to compensate for this abnormality and “S” and “C” shaped curves of the spine develop. Often parents and children first notice the presence of scoliosis due to the un-leveling of the shoulders and pelvis. Unlike other spinal conditions, scoliosis cannot be reversed by changes in posture.

While many cases of scoliosis affect the younger population, it is important to realize that the condition can also develop in older adults. As people age, degenerative disorders such as osteoporosis cause the bones in the spine to lose their normal shape. As a result, the body begins to compensate by producing lateral curves in the spine to ensure that the head remains level. In such cases, if the cause of the bending is not addressed, severe consequences including heart and lung problems may develop.

An X-ray examination performed by your treating physician is the most effective means of detecting scoliosis. However, various orthopedic examinations such as the Adams position test can assist in the diagnosis. Our chiropractors will also examine the hips and shoulders for un-leveling and also check the legs for variation in length, which can be a clue to the development of scoliosis. Finally, with years of experience, our doctors have become proficient at identifying the presence of scoliosis by evaluating the range of motion in the spine.


As with any condition, a person should always consider the most conservative approach to treatment first. Chiropractic care has been demonstrated in numerous research studies to stop the progression of scoliosis and in many instances reverse the condition once present. Our doctors have the resources and experience to provide you the most appropriate care and as a result, eliminate the need for more invasive and aggressive treatments. To accomplish this, our office will perform a full health history to identify any factors that could be contributing to the presence of scoliosis. Often occupational factors, lifestyle habits, previous traumas, and recreational activities are at the roots of the problem.

After these factors have been considered, our chiropractors will perform specific spinal adjustments to reverse the body’s compensations and assist in the restoration process.
In addition to his medical supervision of the scoliosis, Chiropractors align the vertebrae in the spine to help keep the lateral bending from getting worse and decrease the pain and discomfort! Schedule an appointment today!
This depends on the severity of the curve
There are a lot of ways to approach scoliosis treatment in chiropractic. what are the most effective, and gentle ways is through Upper Cervical Specific care. Approaches such as toggle recoil, Blair upper cervical, torque release technique, and Atlas orthogonal are all good ways to address the upper cervical spine. This takes tension off of the spinal cord and allows the spinal column to relax in to a more normal configuration.

Chiropractors use adjustments to the spine as well as muscle/soft tissue therapy. This will help the brace work better and give more comfort to your son.
Balancing the pelvis and leg length difference is the first key to reducing scoliosis, as a subluxated or "twisted" or uneven pelvis causes rotation of the lower lumbar spine, which results in further rotation and lateral shift above over time. A heel lift may or may not be necessary to aid this process. Maintaining freely movable spinal joints throughout the spine, or adjusting vertebral subluxations, is crucial to overall health and treatment as well. The most rigorous treatment will also involve "mirror image" adjusting and rehabilitative therapy. If the spine curves to the left in the lumbar region, this approach will bend the patients lower back to the right with traction forces and posture rolls for at home use.