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How do you treat a viral eye infection?

I am a 29 year old male and I have a viral eye infection. How do you treat a viral eye infection?

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Contrary to belief, antibiotic drops do not help on viral conjunctivitis. Antibiotics only treat bacteria. In general viral conjunctivitis is treated supportively, using tear drops, cold compresses and hygiene. Separate your towels and avoid touching your eyes as this could be contagious. The viral eye changes will dissipate over time.
You will need an anti viral drop. See your eye doctor.
It honestly depends on what type of virus you have. Most viruses have to run their course through your eyes. However, depending on the virus and how ling you have had it your eye doctor would be able to discuss treatment options that may help speed up the speeding time or to treat your symptoms.
You can use a combo of preservative- free artificial tears and if really severe, you can use mild steroid drops as well.

Jeremy Cotliar, MD
For viral conjunctivitis, the treatment is typically supportive, similar to when one has a common cold. Unfortunately, there are no treatments that fight the infection itself; one has to wait for the body to clear said infection. Artificial tears and cool compresses can be used for comfort. Hand hygiene is also paramount as viral conjunctivitis can been very contagious.
It depends on what type of virus. If it’s common cold virus, then there’s only symptomatic treatment. If it’s herpetic keratitis, then there’s specific Rx. You will need to get your eyes examined under a slit lamp by your eye care provider in order for him/her to determine what it actually is.
Like with any other virus, you have to let it run its course. It is highly contagious, so avoid touching your eyes and wash any items afterwards. Use lots of preservative free tears to help alleviate the symptoms.