Chiropractor Questions Common Cold

How does chiropractic care help a child's cold?

My friend suggested taking my child to a chiropractor for his cold, rather than going to the doctor, because it really helped her son. I'm just a little skeptical about it. How does chiropractic care help a child's common cold?

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When chiropractors adjust people, we restore the balance in the nervous system and in the body. The nervous system is in constant communication with the immune system and when one functions well (like the nervous system after an adjustment), then the other functions well. There isn't much research on the mechanisms for how this works yet but thousands of people feel better after getting adjusted even with issues like colds, fevers, and allergies.
That being said, getting adjusted can ease tension in the shoulders, ribs and neck. This will loosen up the muscles and bones in the area and open up the chest for better inhalation and exhalation.
Your brain and nervous system control the effectiveness of your immune system. Chiropractic adjustments helps to strengthen and balance your brain and nervous system. So when that’s functioning better, so will your immune system.
The adjustments help to keep the nervous system work properly and stimulates the immune system to fight the cold.
Thank you for your question. The larger question is whether or not a child with a simple cold really needs to see a physician. Keep in mind that your child’s body is designed to live in this environment, and the common cold is a normal adaptive experience in which the body adapts to outside stressors. Cold symptoms are often a cleansing process that happens in the presence of microorganisms or other outside irritants. Should a child fail to improve in a reasonable amount of time, have a very high fever, or other alarming symptoms, then of course their care should be considered urgent.

In no case should a child see a chiropractor as an alternative to any other necessary care because chiropractic is not an alternative to anything else. However, chiropractic care is essential to a person’s ability to function properly. That’s because a subluxated vertebra insults the body’s nerve system, interfering with a person’s internal communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Since the brain is responsible for controlling and coordinating all body functions, the effects of a subluxated vertebra can be far reaching, even devastating. The good news is that a precise chiropractic adjustment corrects a vertebral subluxation.

The questioner asked how chiropractic care helps a child's common cold. The answer may seem surprising. A chiropractic adjustment does nothing to treat a cold, but it does a lot to help the child. Remember, the brain controls and coordinates all functions of the body. That includes all normal physiology as well as the immune system and the healing process. But vertebral subluxation distorts the messages coming from the brain to the body. The question then becomes Does a child function better with a good nerve supply, or a distorted nerve supply? The answer is obvious. A child with a cold needs a good nerve supply, and a child without a cold needs a good nerve supply. A child playing soccer needs a good nerve supply and so does a child studying arithmetic. So the answer is really simple. Healthy or sick, everyone performs better with a good nerve supply than with a distorted nerve supply.

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Dr. Myron Brown
Simply put, our immune system fights the cold. Getting adjusted restores the nervous system back its normal potential. It's similar to sliding a dimmer switch on a light from dim to bright. The nervous system is what controls the immune system. So removing the dimmer switch makes the immune system work better so it can more effectively deal with the cold.
Chiropractic care helps boosts your child’s immune system by removing subluxations.
The only thing that enables a person to get rid of a cold ( which is caused by a virus) is ones own immune system. Therefore, doing things to boost ones immune system will help eliminate the cold. Things like more rest, and vitamin C. Research has shown that the Chiropractic adjustment boosts ones immune system. See for some of the research.
It activates certain areas of the brain. Adjustments fire into the brain greatly.
No! Chiropractic adjusts the spine to correct nerve interference allowing the body's immune system to work better
Adjusting the spine can have an effect on the immune system allowing the child's body to heal itself faster. In my opinion, the common cold is the body's way of detoxing harmful organisms so I like to aid the process rather than treat the cold as disease.