Rheumatologist Questions Juvenile Arthritis

How does juvenile arthritis affect bone development in children?

My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and her doctor said that she should outgrow as she enters adulthood. Will juvenile arthritis also affect her bone development negatively? She's 11 now.

3 Answers

Thank you for the question and I hope your daughter does well In some patients with juvenile arthritis, we can see leg length discrepancy or joint contracture Additionally, we may also see the development of micrognathia, or under growth of the lower jaw Today, we feel that if juvenile inflammatory arthritis is effectively controlled then we should not see the complications of Bone development that you asked about Again, I think the best solution is that everyone has access to pediatric rheumatology for accurate diagnosis and defective therapies and long-term follow up Thomas P. Olenginski, M.D., FACP Staff Attending Physician - Geisinger Medical Center, Danville PA Department Rheumatology HiROC FLS Physician Champion BMD Committee Chairperson 570-271-6416 Fax: 570-214-2924
It is important to properly diagnose and check the child for erosions. Please see a rheumatologist as it's very individual and everyone is different.
Best of luck.
Whether she will "outgrow" it remains to be seen. These diseases are quite unpredictable. If she is not treated with systemic corticosteroids such as prednisone and her disease is under control ("in remission"), she should have normal bone development unless she already had irreversible skeletal changes prior to therapy.