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For small kids how frequent should dentist visits be?

My daughter is 3 and a half years old. How often should I be taking her to the dentist?

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Ideally every 6 months. This allows monitoring of the tooth and jaw development and allows detecting cavities if they begin sooner as cavities grow very rapidly in children. It also trains a healthier routine for the child. Good luck.
Dr. Cyril Tahtadjian
Your daughter should visit a dentist at least every 6 months.
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Twice a year. Every 6 months.
Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. I recommend my young patients be seen for the first time as close to 24 months as possible. Beyond this, the frequency of dental visits will vary depending on t he needs of the patient and the condition of their teeth, generally it will be at 6- or 12-monthly intervals.
Every 6 months is ideal. Lots of problems can crop up at that age, because they don't brush as well as an adult can or should because of limited dexterity and motivation, and often it is hard for parents to do a terrific job as well. It's a small, moving target and cooperation is not always the best with kids of that age.
She should have been seen for her first visit when she was 6 months no older than 12 months of age!
She should be seen at least twice a year for regular checkups and more frequently if there are reasons to do so.
After the age of 1 children should be seen at a minimum of 1 time per year, but it is recommended that they are seen every 6 months to guarantee normal development of there teeth.
I would recommend 6 month visits so that nothing gets out of hand decay wise. Also things change in a child's mouth in 6 months that you may need to be aware of. Getting a child in a routine of seeing a dentist can also be a good way to lessen any fears in the future for that child and parent.
Until the first permanent teeth, which is nowadays between 5 and 6 years old, it is recommended minimum 1 time per year. Afterwards each 6 months is the best, following exactly the normal time of eruption of the teeth, also very important to determine if other treatment is needed.
Yes, children should be seen by a dentist every 6 months to maintain good oral health and to correct any problems diagnosed while they are small and less complicated.
It’s recommended every 6 months.
American Association of Pediatric Dentist recommends every 6 months. After the first visit your Pediartic Dentist can be more specific depending on your child's needs.
She should be going at least 2 times per year to familiarize herself with the Dentist and the equipment. The Dentist can help the parents with better brushing skills and find any cavities early before pain starts. Baby teeth are really important to the growth of the jaw bone.
Pedodontists (childrens dentists) will start seeing children even before the age of two. Dentistry can see issues with development at an earlier age now that can contribute to issues with orthodontics, breathing and sleep issues. Usually if there are no problems 6 month recalls are ideal for kids.
Children should be seen every 6 months. They are growing fast. Oral home care is typically less than ideal. Diet and habits can contribute to caries(cavity) development. Things can progress rapidly. Prevention is always best. Early detection is better than late. All these add up to a best practice 6 month recall program. Dr. Grimm.
Every six months. We want children to have a pleasant experience at the dentist so the earlier they start the happier they will be.
they should start seeing the dentist every 6 months around the age of 3
We like to see kids as early as 1 year old in my office. Great for parent education, happy visits to get the kids used to coming into my office and enjoy coming in for exams and 'cleanings' or polishing's. Then once a year unless a problem but by 3/4 years old. come every 6 months for an exam and cleaning and xrays to check between teeth for early cavities.
Every 6 months
Once a year if there aren't cavities.
I typically recommend that a child visit the office at the very least once a year through their first few years of life. One reaching the ages of 4 and up I prefer to see the child every 6 months to evaluate eruption pattern, oral habits, oral hygiene, and bone development so should anything arise it can be caught early and allow for a less invasive and lest costly treatment for the oatient and parent alike. Prevention is key. Also, this allows the patient to become acquainted with the process of the dental office and dental visit and this eliminates the fear that many individuals currently experience.
The first visit should be between the first tooth and first birthday, with subsequent visits every 6 months starting by two and one-half years old.
Every 6 months, yearly at least.
Make sure your children have regular dental visits every 6 month, to help ensure healthy teeth and to help prevent oral health issues.
It is recommended that you get twice yearly check ups. Most dental diseases (cavities) can be prevented and if detected early, most of the time be treated without anesthesia.
At least every 6 months but sometimes even every 3 months
She should go to the dentist every six months. Dental problems can be caught early, and she will enjoy going to appointments if she has the right dentist!
You should start with 6 month visits. If your doctor sees that the mouth has been clean and healthy, they MAY suggest annual visits
Typically Dentists like to see children every 6 months at the time the first tooth erupts. It will be up to the Dentist to determine how often your child should be seen for clinical exams to monitor tooth eruption, hygiene, oral tissue, and any habits the child may be developing.
I would recommend that your child be seen every 6 months unless there are more severe problems. Decay in primary teeth can worsen very quickly and lead to infection and pain.
3 is a good age. Not too early and gets the child comfortable with the concept of dental visits. If the child is taken in for the first time to resolve a problem like a large cavity or broken tooth the visit will be traumatic and will set in motion the fear factor.
Every six months is ideal.
Every 6 months.
You should take your kids for their first dental exam as soon as 6 months of age. After that, they should be seen every 4 months to access proper jaw growth and teeth until they are 3 years old. After kids reach 3 years of age, parents should bring them for regular 6 month visits.
Every six months. However, if there's any pain, definitely earlier.
Ideally, we like to see everyone twice a year. That is also good at getting them used to coming and comfortable with the dentist. Super easy if you have insurance!! If no problems are noted, then once a year would be sufficient.
Twice a year for regular check up which is every 6 months
Even small children should be checked by a dentist every 6 months.
Hi, The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends all children see their Dentist twice a year for routine checkups, cleanings and exams. Some children require more frequent visits if they are more prone to cavities or have poor hygiene and need cleanings more than twice a year. Ask you Dentist what Is best for your daughter.

Dr Wes Powell
Every 6-12 months. If she doesn’t have any problems.
If your daughter has not had any incidents of caries there should be no problem with once every 12 months. I would key off what the hygienist says about the how thorough she is eliminating plaque. I would have just my visits on the basis of the hygienist comments.