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How long after dental bone graft can I eat?

I am a 41 year old male. I want to know how long after bone graft can I eat?

7 Answers

You can eat as soon as the numbness is gone but you should not eat anything hot and hard and no rinsing on the first day. Don’t have to mention no smoking as well.
You should be on a soft diet for at least one week, being extra careful with the surgical site and not to pull the sutures.
Depends where the bone graft was placed. Usually soft diet for the first week. Then you can resume your normal diet
You can eat soft food as soon as your anesthesia is gone.
Wait at least 6 hours
You can usually eat right away, but best to maintain a soft diet for the first week or so.
You may eat soon after but the type of food needs to be soft and you must eat on the opposite side of where the graft was done.