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How long can wisdom teeth pain last?

I am a 22 year old male and I have wisdom tooth pain. How long can wisdom teeth pain last?

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A week or two.
Pain is always connected to the inflammation, so wisdom teeth start hurting when they try to come to the oral cavity and there is a limited space for them. Length of the pain will depend on different factors: how much the space is limited, what is the position of the teeth in the bone, are they embedded in the soft tissue or in the bone as well.

Monika Tyszkowski, DDS
Depends on the procedure of their removal. The complicated surgical procedures always take longer than simple ones.
It varies with person and position of the tooth. And pain does not get better own it’s own. Most of the time it need to be taken out as pain can be from the gum growing over the tooth which trap food and bacteria, cause inflammation, that usually does not get better own it’s own. If the pain is because wisdom tooth is stuck behind the tooth in front of it (called impacted tooth) and it keep pushing it will keep causing discomfort and usually it does not erupt as it’s stuck behind. Either case it should be evaluated and preferably be extracted to relieve pain permanently.
Rarely tooth finally gets erupted in the mouth and patient feels better but that can take weeks to months.
It’s better to get evaluated and know the real cause of the problem so you can make an educated decision regarding the treatment of your tooth. Hope that helped!
Wisdom tooth pain can last for serval weeks. It is important to see your local dentist to have a evaluation of your wisdom tooth. In most cases, wisdom teeth are removed.
2 to 3 days.