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How long do chiropractic hip adjustments last?

I am a 23 year old male. I will have a hip adjustment. How long do chiropractic hip adjustments last?

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This sound on the surface like an easy question to answer, but in fact it is the most difficult to answer. First most people when they say hip problems and then point to their body the point to the Sacroiliac. However the simple answer is Doctor's of Chiropractic are daily helping individuals with hip and or sacroiliac problems. However the process of evaluating any condition begins with the consultation. When did the problem start? What was the initiating incident that caused the problem? Was there in prior problems with the area of complaint including adjacent areas? In most cases there are additional questions. Then begins the examination which includes palpation, range of motion, orthopedic tests and possible imaging tests. All of these go into determining the diagnosis, need for additional evaluations, need for treatment and establishing a treatment plan. Finally evaluating effects of the treatments. This is a simplified statement of what needs to be done for any condition and then now long it takes to receive results will become apparent.

There is no set determination od how long an adjustment holds, your daily activities can cause misalignment of the structure; what you want to do to align with the adjustment is do some muscle strengthening execises of the core muscles and/or strengthen/relax the hip/leg muscles.

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Dr. Churchill
This varies for each patient. Depending upon how long your problem has been present, you often need repeated adjustments before your problem resolves. Ask your doctor for tips on what you can do at home to help maintain correction and relief.
It all depends on how much care you have received recently. If you are on a regular care program and have been doing this for some time, then it will last much longer than if you just started and have only had several adjustments.
As you know, everyone is different. Every situation is different, even if the symptoms are similar. As a 23 year old, a hip adjustment should last for a long time, unless you're a world-class hurdler that is continuously stressing the joint.
Thanks for your question. Technique and soft tissue restriction can complicate this question. Further, most patients refer to the “hip” but mean the pelvis which would have different answers. With my patients, if there is a hip issue, it’s usually adjusted axially and with the pelvis, I will correct anterior and/or posterior movement and then address what glute muscles are weak and have them do a home exercise program.

I hope this helps!

Dr. Joseph Hugunin, D.C.
If the hip needs to be adjusted, it is because of a misalignment with poor mobility in that joint. As with most misalignments, it is most important to find the cause of the problem. If there was a minor and specific trauma that caused the misalignment, then a just a few adjustments might get the joint back on track for you. If the cause is a long-standing postural imbalance or a repetitive microtrauma that is difficult to remedy, then you may have a longer treatment plan to correct (or palliate) the problem.
Everyone is different. Everyone has different lifestyles. Everyone is involved in different activities. Each individual has a unique body. So, the answer really depends in the individual, their health, their body, and a whole host of other factors.
It all depends on how long it’s been misaligned, your health and lifestyle. Poor health and stressful life-maybe a day or two. Great health, diet, low stress-weeks.
It can depend of many factors. Everyone heals at a different rate. In the beginning if someone is in a lot of discomfort and in really tough shape it may only hold for a few hours. Eventually a healthy individual could hold an adjustment anywhere from a week to six weeks. Things you can do to help it hold longer is to follow the instructions of your chiropractor. Such as any icing, foam rolling or strengthening exercises they may give you. Those will help the adjustment last longer.
Every person is different and everybody reacts differently to an adjustment, no one can tell you how long an adjustment will hold.
This depends on your history of hip dysfunction, the amount of activities you do which may affect the hip, if you carry excess weight, etc. There are many factors which affect how quickly you will respond to treatment and how long it will last. Most Chiropractors incorporate home care exercises or stretches to make the effects more permanent.