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How long do your teeth feel sore after getting braces?

I am a 16 year old female who had braces put on 6 days ago. How long will my teeth feel sore?

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A few days to a week or so is pretty typical. Some do tell me that it went on for a couple weeks.
Usually 5-7 days, and ibuprofen helps with the soreness.
Usually lasts for a few days or 1 - 2 weeks in some people. Take ibuprofen or tylenol if you can take those.
It may take a week or so. If it does not improve, then go back to the dentist who put the braces on.
The soreness that results from braces being placed can last anywhere from a few days to a week. It will depend on the level of crowding or spacing of your teeth and how quickly your mouth recovers.
Initial placement of braces can make the teeth sore, this can last anywhere from a day or two, up to a week to ten days in some cases. Everyone has different levels of tolerating new things including getting used to braces or attachments associated with orthodontic treatment. We always recommend taking your preferred over the counter pain medicine and rinsing with salt water to lessen the discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.
After the initial insertion of appliances the soreness usually lasts for up to about 3 days decreasing slowly over the period of about a week. After this, the only reason for soreness is if there is "hyper occlusion which can happen depending on a patient's particular problem. I would suggest that you return to your orthodontist if the soreness persists.

Laurance Jerrold DDS, JD, ABO
Braces move teeth into the correct place. There are dental processes that are taking place for this to happen. You may have been told what medication you should take if you have some discomfort. Taking the medication in the correct
amount at the correct time. will be helpful. You may have been told what type of foods you should be eating. Follow what your dentist told you to do. Since this is only six days, right now you may be feeling better. Follow your dentist's instructions and your brace treatment will progress.