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How long does a chiropractic adjustment for neck pain last?

I am a 22 year old male with chronic neck pain. I want to get a chiropractic adjustment. How long does a chiropractic adjustment for neck pain last?

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Great question. It will depend because each chiropractor has a different technique, philosophy and approach to care. So in our office once a thorough analysis Us performed and care plan is uniquely customized for you then a specific and directed adjustment would be delivered to the correct spinal area to correct subluxation(spinal misalignments) for most the amount of time we spend is inconsequential as long as the greatest results are achieved. So most patients are very happy to be in and out within the 5-10 minute with minimal wait time as long as they feel healthier. This is at least what comes along with being a practice member of Rhino Chiropractic.
There is no one answer to this question. A good adjustment could last you 2 years, 2 months or 2 days. It depends upon many factors:

1. Condition of your spine -are there osteoarthritic changes? Are there normal curvatures in the spine?

2. Age of the condition -how long has there been a problem? You mention that this is chronic. The longer the patient has adapted to improper alignment/articulation, the longer it may take to retrain the spine to go back to its normal position.

3. Activities of daily living -what do you do on a daily basis that makes this situation worse, and what are you willing to do to help in the healing process?

The list goes on...

What's important is that you find a good chiropractor that you like and trust who is hopefully conveniently located to you. In addition to a thorough exam, they should take a look at a basic cervical series (3 views minimum). After these things, your chiropractor should be able to come up with treatment plan to, firstly, get you out of acute pain and then, hopefully, keep you that way.

I generally advise people who are searching for a chiropractor to interview them in person. Most chiropractors will do a free initial consultation (maybe 10-15 minutes) just to meet and discuss your situation and see if they might be able to help you. Get to know a few, and then make a decision. We tend to know our patients more personally over time as we see them more often then their primary care physicians.
It depends on what kind of neck pain; it can last a month. Can also last two days depending on the pain.
The lasting effects of manipulation vary based on age, cause of injury, stage of injury. For example if a patient has been suffering with debilitating neck pain for years and has just decided to try Chiropractic as a last option, the patient may not feel or experience results immediately. However if the patient is younger and has a non complicated biomechanical issue, the adjustment may last for months. It is always a good idea to get your spine checked at least twice per year.
It all depends on the severity of neck pain. For some people it may last a year or longer, but some people they may require reinforcement more often. It also depends on the type of activities an individual is engaged in. Basically, everyone is different, therefore the answer is a case by case assessment.
You are young and will get good results. It depends on how and why the pain started. Were you in an auto accident or injured somehow? Most people have results on the first visit. Really need to discuss your condition with a chiropractor as it also involves lifestyle, stresses etc.
There is no set time for adjustments. It is according to how bad the trauma is to the neck. When you go to the dentist, when will you have your next toothache? When it occurs. Personally, I have 3 or 4 adjustments a year just for prevention. Prevention is the cure for all disease.


It might depend on what is actually wrong with you and the technique(s) the doctor uses to address your symptoms/ problem. Your office visit could be from several minutes to 30 minutes normally.
How long the adjustment for neck pain lasts will vary depending on a number of factors: first, the duration of the pain can affect how long the adjustment lasts. Severity of the pain also plays a factor. Next, underlying problems such as degenerative changes in the joints in your neck can create a condition where it will take much longer to heal. Finally, what you are doing to yourself on a daily and weekly basis can affect how long the adjustment lasts as well. Sitting at the computer for long hours (5 plus hours), playing a collision sport like rugby, training extremely hard at the gym and high levels of stress can all contribute to shortening the effects of the adjustment and shorten the relief you experience. Your chiropractor can help you explore all the issues to make sure you will get the best results from your adjustments.
I hope that adequately answers your question.

Best of luck!

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The source of neck pain, especially chronic, can be multifaceted. Some patients can respond well and have their issues resolved during their first visit while some can take longer. I suggest visiting your local chiropractor for a consultation.

Jay Han, DC
Hey there,

It kind of depends on what is going on and what your history is. If you've played football or other contact sports, or been in car accidents, then your neck pain might be more involved than others. So, I'd start with finding a chiropractor who assesses your neck via X-ray and follow their recommendations. Chiropractic will take multiple visits to get it under control though; think of it like getting in better shape at the gym. You don't work out once and then your muscles are in better shape. With chiropractic, it's about retraining the joints and nervous system and
that takes time.
It really depends on what is going on with your neck. Some patients get immediate relief, but others take some time. First, we need to figure out what is wrong with your neck and then go from there.
It definitely varies patient to patient. Initially, you might need an adjustment more frequently to get you on track. After you are pain free and we are maintaining, some patients I see every few weeks, some people are good with quarterly adjustments and some people I see twice a year like the dentist.
I wish it was a simple answer. Just getting an adjustment alone may not be enough. Managing chronic neck pain is comprised of many factors. I like to ask about sleeping habits (e.g., sleeping on your stomach), work habits (sitting for hours), you overall posture (e.g. forward head position), even your diet. Do you exercise? Are you overweight? How much stress are you under? All of these can be important tools that can help manage and reduce your chronic pain.
That completely depends on so many factors. There are times I have adjusted someone one time in severe pain and they never had pain again. Other times, it can last minutes, hours, days, weeks or months. Often, it takes a series of adjustments for it to "hold" and last. Each individual is different, and their problem may be different.

Dr. Jonathan Donath DC, MS
Our office recommends the new patient be prepared to be in the office for an hour. That hour includes filling out forms (paper and/or on the computer), consultation, examination and possible treatment. Ongoing treatments include similar aspects but take less time, approximately 15 to 30 minutes in the office.
The relief felt from the first adjustment will typically last about 24 hours, but it could be a longer or shorter amount of time based on the severity of your symptoms and the amount of injury/degeneration you have in your spine. As the body is re-training how to hold its correct position and posture, soreness is to be expected in a similar fashion to when you start a new workout routine. Some people do feel better right away and it lasts through until their next visit, other people go up and down in pain/relief throughout their healing process.
Usually for someone like you the adjustment should last for a week at first, then longer as your body heals. There may also be other factors like poor posture which can bring the pain back.