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How long does a dental stain removal last?

I am a 32 year old female. The dentist removed the stains from my teeth and plaque. How long does a dental stain removal last?

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How long your teeth remain stain free depends on both circumstances you can control and on those you can’t. High on the list of
Things yo can control are daily brushing and flossing and minimizing foods that can contribute to stain including coffee, tea, and wine. Factors you can’t control completely are the types of bacteria native to your mouth.

Having said that some people need professional cleanings more often than others.
Plaque forms every day. Whether you eat or not plaque forms. Plaque is a sticky mass of bacteria that hardens in 24 to 48 hours. Then you have calcium in your saliva that will also harden in a short time. Calcium forms tartar. Plaque and tartar are not the same. Plaque can penetrate tartar. Plaque has bacteria, rotting food particles living bacteria, dead bacteria, toxins, fighting cells your body sends to fight the bacteria, living fighting cells, dead fighting cells, waste products. If you do not floss correctly daily and brush correctly daily plaque will crystallize in 28 to 48 hours. Only dental equipment will be able to remove the crystallized plaque. If you do not floss and brush correctly daily, you may have irritated red gums, swollen gum line tissues, bleeding gums. I see pictures of models with gum disease in magazines, TV, shopping channels. The majority of the whole population does not floss or brush correctly daily. Those patients who do visit the dentist, either the dental staff is not teaching correct flossing and correct brushing or patients are being taught and are not doing correct home care. IF YOU DO NOT FLOSS CORRECTLY AND BRUSH CORRECTLY DAILY, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR TEETH! This will not happen today or even next year, but over years eventually you will lose your teeth. And in the process, you will affect your entire body's health. As the bacteria slowly eats away your ATTACHED GINGIVA that prevents bacteria and food from sliding down to the roots of your teeth. Once the ATTACHED GINGIVA is gone, food particles are able to open up and move down towards the roots of your teeth and bacteria goes along with it. Once the bacteria is around your teeth and supporting bone structure, bacteria can enter the larger blood vessels and move around to all parts of the body and organs by the blood vessels. ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE, STROKE, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, LUNG PROBLEMS, PANCREATIC CANCER, BLOOD CANCER HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GUM DISEASE. PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE FLOSSING CORRECTLY AND BRUSHING CORRECTLY AS IF THEIR LIVES DEPENDED UPON IT, BECAUSE IT DOES!
How long the stain removal last depends on your oral hygiene regimen, food and beverages, and smoking can stain teeth. Plaque is constantly forming on teeth and it stains the teeth as well.
That will depend on what kinds of foods/drinks you are consuming, if you are a smoker, and how good your home hygiene regimen is. Stains can start early if the above is not taken into account.