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How long does eye lift surgery last?

I am a 49 year old woman who wants eye lift surgery. This will help restore my confidence. How long does eye lift surgery last?

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Hello, although we cannot stop aging, eyelid surgery is usually permanent. For further inquiries or questions, you may want to visit my website at Good Luck!!!!
12-15 years
Eye lift surgery lasts about 10 years in most.
Eye lif surgery or blepharoplasty can last a lifetime. Once you remove the excessive skin and fat, you have results that last forever. However, as you continue to age you end up getting more sagging of the skin and herniation of the fat which then may necessitate a repeat minor surgery in the future. Most patients don’t find any need for the second procedure and those who do won’t need it for at least a decade or two.
Unlike facelift surgery, which lasts between 8 and 10 years, eyelid surgery usually lasts significantly longer, perhaps 30 years. At most, down the line as you age after this procedure, redundant excess skin may need to be trimmed the second time.
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You are asking the wrong question. Properly done eyelid surgery lasts forever. The question is: how long before the ongoing process of aging might make another surgery desirable or necessary. That one is impossible to answer for any individual since many factors affect how we age, to mention that individual desires and expectation may change with time as well. You should look good after eyelid surgery for years.
It is permanent as skin is removed and sometimes some adipose tissue is removed. Minimal adipose tissue should be removed only to return you to how you looked 10 or more years ago. With aging, adipose tissue decreases so too much removal can be harmful making you look even older. Many times through the eyelid incision, I also raise the lateral brow slightly to make you look better. It also eliminates many lines in the lateral eyelid area. We also recommend skin care which us self use but with prescription strength compounds which result in permanent anti aging not available in retail stores. This results in permanent improvement. You may stop using and the result remains as apposed to retail who wants consistent purchase for profit and does not rejuvenate the skin. We work for permanent improvement except for normal aging from that permanently improved point
I would say that you might need some type of touch up after 8-10 years
At 49 years old today you are "young" and if you maintain good nutritional habits, skin care and mental health, in my experience the result reaches more than ten years and even in many cases reach 13-15 years, of course, it all depends on the good care you give it. Regards!
Typically, most board certified surgeons will tell you that eye lift surgery lasts at least 10 years. Of course there are exceptions to that and every patient should be spoken to individually, based upon their anatomy and medical history. Certainly, there are cases of eyelid surgery that must be performed conservatively, for medical reasons, that may not last that entire time. I hope this gives you some general idea regarding your question.
Good question. Most patients who undergo blepharoplasty (frequently done procedure) do not need to repeat this procedure unless another problem (sagging brows or loose lower lids) arises.
Thank you for your question which gets asked often. Eyelid lifts, or any other lifts of the face, are generally expected to only be done once in your lifetime. However, that being said, everyone ages differently and this has a major factor in determining how your new eyelid surgery will last over time. Get an evaluation by a board-certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon to determine how time will affect your surgery.
Usually at least 20 years -- sometimes you get more upper lid skin -- but if the doctor did a good job with the fat pockets, you may never need them done again.

William B. Rosenblatt, M.D.
Surgery to remove excess skin can last as long as you live, but a droopy brow or a droopy eyelid (ptosis) can reoccur.