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How long does it take to tighten braces?

I am a 22 year old female. I want to know how long does it take to tighten braces?

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About 15 minutes.
Typically every two weeks. Keep in mind, it really depends on the case. Please discuss it with your orthodontist.
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Hi, there is no one simple answer to your question. It depends on what type of braces a person has and how many they have. A simple tightening can take 10 minutes and a complex one involves changing both upper and lower wires, sometimes with complicated wires to make, and that might take 45 minutes. I know that is a big range, but it is all dictated by the problems individual patients have that need correction.

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It’s a short appointment.
Tightening braces is really a misnomer. Tightening appointments are where the small colored rubber bands or the orthodontic wires are changed. Usually taking 15-20 minutes every 4-5 weeks
Generally only a few minutes.