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How often should you get acupuncture treatment for migraines?

I am a 28 year old female who gets migraines. How often should you get acupuncture treatment for migraines?

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Each person who experiences migraines has individual "triggers" that can change. A licensed acupuncturist will advise on the treatment protocol for your situation.
Depending upon the severity of the migraines, normally it is advisable to have 6 to 8 sessions to treat migraines.
Depending on the severity, most patients benefit from having more frequent sessions initially (2-3 times per week), then lessening as symptoms decrease.
That would depend on how often you get the migraines and how sever they are. It also depends on why you are getting them and how difficult that reason would be to treat. Your acupuncturist should draw up a treatment plan for you after your first visit. its definitely worth trying.
It is impossible to say for sure how many visits you will need to clear your migraines. There are too many variables without fully knowing how long they have existed, what other symptoms accompany the migraines, your overall health, and your constitution. On your first visit with a licensed acupuncturist, they will set out a timeline for you based on the above. For an acute migraine, it may clear in just one treatment; for a more chronic issue, you may need six or more. With each treatment, you should feel some measure of relief.
The treatment outline really relies on the severity of the condition. Generally speaking, if the condition is chronic or throughout your life usually twice a week is a good start for acupuncture treatments. If it’s something just recent, maybe once a week to once a month treatments should be fine. Definitely consult with your primary, and discuss with the acupuncture practitioner the best options.

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For your question: Usually, it takes 2 times a week for approximately 3 weeks and then another evaluation should be given by your acupuncturist.

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That's a good question. It depends on how serious your migraines are. I usually suggest to patients that they come once a week, unless their symptoms are severe enough to warrant coming 2 or 3 times per week. But it is important to note that what YOU do to combat your migraines is key. For instance, staying away from known culprits, such as caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and spicy foods. Of course, there may be a food or beverage that you have a sensitivity to, that you are unaware of, that may be to blame. Getting tested for food allergies, including gluten, as soon as possible may shed some light on migraine causing allergens/sensitivities. Next, you may want to change your pillow if it is not supportive enough while sleeping. If the neck is in an awkward position it may affect alignment of the spine leading to headaches. You want to make sure you are getting enough and quality sleep, removing any distractions such as the tv or computer noises or lights while sleeping. Your mattress may need changing out also. Has your home or work environment been checked for chemicals? Do you have a Carbon monoxide detector? Is there any construction going on in your home or work? At times minute particles in the air can be very bothersome to those susceptible to migraines. And lastly, make sure you are drinking enough water and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, migraines can be attributed to constipation or poor digestion. Good luck and feel better!!!
The answer varies on several factors regarding your headaches: how often do you have them how severe are they, how long have you had them, when do they occur? A good practitioner will differentiate your symptoms, and then come up with a prognosis and treatment plan. A fair trial for effectiveness is 2 visits a week for 3 weeks and then re-evaluate progress.
It works for good for migraines-headaches, you can have acupuncture sessions 2/3 times a week for 3 to 6 or more weeks with herbs for example.
It depends. In my case, some cured in one treatment, some needs a few more. It all depends on the diagnosis of what the cause is.
Acupuncture could help migraines, but the treatment plan varies person by person. We need to figure out what is the reason for it first.
Migraines have different causes. From allergies to neurological disorders. One of the fastest and most effective methods to treat migraines is through a Neuro Acupuncture Specialist. You can find one at Neuro-Acupuncture
It really depends on your particular case. You will need to discuss this with your acupuncturist. Be sure to tell them all aspects of the condition you have and be sure to honestly answer all of the questions they have for you so you can be assessed properly and treated more precisely.

Acupuncture is very effective for this problem, but you should go to a clinic for an evaluation.

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Thank you for your inquiry! Acupuncture to help to get rid of migraines. it may take 2 or 3 treatments. After healed, you don't need to go back to treat again.
Before you feel you're getting a migraine in general.
Treatment frequency varies between practitioners and their styles. Typically, patients start with treatments once per week and gradually decrease treatment frequency as their condition improves.
Hello! Depending on the severity, typically 1-2x per week and can last from 3-6 months.
Hello and thank you for your question! Frequency of treatment depends on the severity and chronicity of your migraines. It would be beneficial to seek treatment 1-2 times per week for a month or two. Your practitioner can give you a better time frame during these treatments.
Treatment frequency for migraine depends a lot on the severity and frequency of the headaches. If your migraines are extremely painful and happen several times per week, you might need to be seen 2-3 times a week for a couple of weeks to bring the episodes under control. After that, you might be looking at weekly treatments for another 4-5 weeks.

If your migraines are less frequent or more mild, you might be able to start with weekly treatment.

I work quite a bit with migraine patients and my general rule of thumb is: patient's should notice a change in frequency, severity or both after about 3 treatments.