Hand Surgeon Questions Diabetes

I have a wound on my finger and I am diabetic. What should I do?

I have a slight cut in my hand that occurred as some glass pricked my hand. I am diabetic and I have been observing that the wound is not healing with bandages and creams. Should I be concerned?

5 Answers

Diabetics are much more prone to infections with even small wounds on the hands. I think you should see your doctor or a hand surgeon for further evaluation.
As a diabetic, you are at risk for problems with wound healing and you are at higher risk for developing an infection. I would recommend that you see your physician if the wound is not healing properly.
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See your doctor immediately or go to ER
If you are continuing to have slow healing after a week or so, I would advise you see a hand specialist. Because you are diabetic healing may be slower but there is always the chance that you may have a small foreign body of glass under the skin. Keep it clean and dry until you see your doctor.
Healing is likely to be slow. However, if there is no sign of infection, it should eventually heal. If you are concerned that there is a foreign body left inside or an infection, you should go see your doctor.

Harrison Solomon, M.D.