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How young is too young to see a chiropractor?

My 3 year old daughter has constant neck pain and my regular doctor suggested a chiropractor. Is 3 years old too young to see a chiropractor?

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You’re never too young nor too old to receive your first adjustment. I see infants on a regular basis. My nephew was two weeks old when I gave him his first treatment.
Absolutely not. Many chiropractors see patients of ALL ages. Some even specialize in only working on expecting mothers and/or infants. Referrals are almost always the best way to go when finding a chiropractor; however, in lieu of that, feel free to call locally to ask various chiropractic clinics if the doctor is comfortable working on a 3-year-old. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how fast and effective it can be, especially with one so young.
No we can do babies also
Any age is good to go to a chiropractor. Every man, woman, child, pet etc should go!
One of my favorite quotes is "As the twig is bent so grows the tree" so yes take your child, results are amazing!!!
No we treat patients of all ages, kids actually respond very well to chiropractic treatments.
Chiropractic can be beneficial for all stages of life from birth to geriatric ages. Make sure to ask if the doctor has experience treating children or look up a qualified ICPA certified chiropractor online. Chiropractic for kids is a safe, gentle, and effective way to treat neck pain.
3 year old is not too young to see a chiropractor, we've seen babies a early at a week old in our office. You can find doctors who specialize with children on Hope you have a great experience!
No, that's not too young.
It is never too early to start your child on proper care of the spine. A chiropractor can help reduce your daughter's neck pain significantly. Find a Chiropractor in your area who specializes in pediatric care.
Good question. There is no age limit; newborn babies to senior citizens can benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care realigns the bone structure allowing the nerve impulses to
fire properly in to the organs and muscles, reducing inflammation and pain.

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Dr. Churchill
Having adjusted a minutes old child after a high forceps delivery with good results and many kids of all ages over the years, I'd say never too young if an adjustment is needed. To assuage your thoughts on this, the way one adjusts anyone young or old varies on what needs to be done. Find a DC who is specifically trained in pediatric adjusting ( or has a lot of experience with children.

Dr. Juanee Surprise, DC. NMD, IMD, DCBCN, CTTN
3 years old is not too young to see a chiropractor. In fact, all babies should be checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible after birth. The birthing process can be traumatic to the child’s neck and may require a very gentle adjustment (much gentler than what an adult or even an older child would receive) to make sure they do not develop some of the same problems that most adults have. When babies are born their bones are largely not calcified yet. They calcify or become hardened in the places that are put under stress first. If the infant’s atlas or 1st cervical vertebra is out of alignment form the birthing process it will have stress placed on the bone and will calcify earlier than it is supposed to and often in a shape that supports the misalignment thus leaving them open for neck problems, headaches and a series of other issues. Back to your 3 year old, while children do not have the same stressors as adults they do have stressors that can create misalignments in their neck that can cause pain and a number of other problems. A child of that age should be getting checked by a chiropractor probably every two weeks to make sure they are aligned properly and balanced so they do not run into biomechanical problems later on. Probably the same frequency that you should be getting checked yourself.

Good luck!

Dr. John G. Vilkelis
I treat newborns, so a 3 year old is not a problem. Of course, when treating infants & toddlers, a very gentle acupressure touch is indicated. Chiropractors have instruments that activate reflexes to make alignment corrections. Recently, I had a 3 year old girl present with pigeoned toed feet & the orthopedist recommended casting her or utilize leg braces for a year. In one treatment, I corrected the alignment in her hips and her feet turned out.
No, it is not. However, not all chiropractors will see kids that young. Look for a pediatric Chiropractor which might limit your options if you are in a rural area. In a bigger city you should have multiple options of Chiropractors.
Patients as young as a few weeks old can be treated. The type of adjustment we do is low force and high speed. It is very mild and safe for the young and elderly and everyone in between.
Chiropractors adjust babies from hours after birth, so 3 years old is definitely not too young. 3 years old is definitely too young for neck pain though!
I have adjusted babies as soon as they were born. Chiropractic is safe for all ages.

Dr. Katz
No, not at all! We see newborns all the way up through the teen years. It always depends on the presentation, but more often then not, something is just stiff or locked up. 3-year-olds are always falling and bumping into stuff so it can be a quick fix most of the time!

Dr. Long
Age is not the issue. I have treated children right after birth. The issue is the gentleness of the treatment.
The simple answer is no. It sounds like you have a knowledgeable pediatrician.
I have patients as young as 6 weeks old come in for care. I recommend finding a Pediatric Chiropractor as they would have more experience with young children.
It is never too early to bring your child to the chiropractor. We have seen babies that are a day old and received an adjustment. Just make sure you find a pediatric chiropractor or one that has experience with kids.