Oncologist Questions HPV Vaccine

How does the HPV vaccine help in preventing the risk of cervical cancer?

I have read that HPV vaccine can largely help in lowering the risk of cervical cancer. I would like my daughter to have this vaccine once she's of age. But, how does it work and at what age should my daughter have it?

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The HPV vaccine act to increase immunity to several HPV viruses. There are 15 types of HPV virus that can eventually cause pre malignant or malignant changes in the cervix. However not all 15 have a preventable vaccine. It is best to continue thorough gyn exams even if vaccinated
It makes antibodies against infection caused by bob virus
This is a very good question, and one that you will have to answer together with your daughter. Big pharma would prefer she is vaccinated before she is sexually active, which could mean quite young. I recommend seeing a physician who agrees with your needs and wants and would recommend the best course of action to you and your daughter.
The HPV vaccine has significantly reduced the incidence of HPV infections in teenagers and young adults. Most cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia are due to HPV infection. Your daughter can have the vaccine as early as age 12. The vaccine should be given before a girl or young woman becomes sexually active to be optimally effective at protecting her from HPV infection. Insurance will cover the vaccine up to age 26 in the US.
The vaccine works by providing immunity against certain types of the HPV virus that are most strongly associated with cervical cancer (types 16 and 18) and with precancer. The Gardasil 9 vaccine protects against the viral types that cause the majority of cervical cancer and dysplasia. The HPV vaccine is very safe, but as with all vaccines, some very small risk is present and information on vaccine complication rates for these vaccines is available on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) site.
It stimulates the antibody immune system to the HPV virus which causes cervical cancer. Doses should be given before they become sexually active
There are some species of HPV virus like HPV 16,18, etc which are the main cause of genital warts with potential for transforming to malignancy. HPV vaccine is engineered to work against these species of HOV that can cause cancer.
From 10 years of age up to 45, creating antibodies, which will fight the HPV virus.
The cdc recommends the hpv vaccination start around age 11-12 years old. You can ask your ob gyn physician or pediatrician about this. It helps to prevent cervical cancer by fighting the viruses that can cause it.