Psychiatrist Questions Binge Eating

β€œI am suddenly binge eating. Is it a mental disorder?”

I am an 18-year-old girl and all of a sudden I find myself eating a lot of junk at odd hours. The urge to eat is beyond my control and as a result I have gained 33 lbs in 4 months. What could be my problem and how should I start with the treatment?

10 Answers

You may have binge eating disorder. I would seek professional help for therapy and possible medication. Good luck
It can be an eating disorder. Or it can be a sudden metabolic disorder. My advice is to be evaluated for a hormonal imbalance first. Then, if everything is normal, seek an eating disorder center for further evaluation and treatment.
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I understand your distress due to gain of 33 lbs in 4 months, and β€œThe urge to eat is beyond my control.”
It is likely that stresses of relationships, unresolved family conflicts, school, and finances have become overwhelming and have led to depression with eating disorder.
See a psychiatrist for a medical-psychiatric evaluation. After that, have Intensive therapy.
Depression and eating disorder treatment have good results to improve your functioning.
Binge eating disorder is a serious mental problem requiring psychiatric or psychological intervention. Psychiatric intervention carries with it the potential use of medication. Specialty clinics and practices are appropriate for the treatment of this disorder which can be life threatening.
Compulsive overeating is considered a mental disorder. It can be due to psychological factors, such as unresolved trauma, or physical factors, such as a side effect to certain medications or an overgrowth of yeast. A competent psychiatrist should be able to sort out which is the case.
You should go for basic blood work up and talk to your doctor. It is not normal to have strong binges resulting in this amount of weight gain.
Binge eating disorder is a mental disorder if you meet the full criteria. This disorder is not uncommon in your age group. However, just binge eating is only one of the 4 or 5 criteria to meet to be diagnosed as having binge eating disorder.
I recommend starting with your primary care provider for a full medical check up and labs first. After a medical evaluation, if symptoms of binge eating persist, then yes, I would recommend obtaining a psychiatric consultation for a full evaluation.
Yes, first rule out all possibilities for other disorders such as Thyroid problems and other endocrine disorders. The follow up medical as advised of Medical Doctors.
Binge eating is a disorder best addressed with the medication vyvanse and the psychotherapy internal family systems. You can find a therapist at the center for self leadership website. Vyvanse can be prescribed by a psychiatrist or perhaps primary care.