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I have dark urine despite being hydrated - What's wrong?

I drink plenty of water every day, but my urine is dark yellow. Could it be something else?

7 Answers

Dark yellow urine can represent either dehydration, concentration of vegetables in the urine, or sometimes vitamins. Check your diet and vitamins, if you were taking a lot of beta-carotene, that can color urine yellow.
Usually not, could be diet, a simple urinalysis in your regular doctors office could confirm nothing to worry about.
If your urine is dark, it can be due to a few things but most commonly it is due to vitamins. The more ominous would be blood tinged urine which you can dip and tell immediately. Sometimes CVS will sell the urine strips.
It could be something you=E2=80=99re eating or there could be something else going on like having some blood in the urine. You should have a urine test to determine what is making it discolored. If there is blood you need to see a urologist.
It's probably best to see your doctor and let him or her know. It could be many different things. A simple test called a urinalysis is the first step at determining what it may be.
Yes. Need to be evaluated.