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I have oily skin. Should I get a face gel?

I have extremely oily skin, which is also making me highly prone to acne. However, over night, particularly during the winters, my skin tends to dry up a lot. I have heard face gels are water based and also a good fit for those with oily skin. Should I try them?

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Hello, it would save you more money and pain in the long run if you were to go consult a specialist derm before you try anything else.

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Gels are perfect for your skin type. Creams and ointments have more oil in them. If you are feeling dry afterwards, you can moisturize with a water-based facial moisturizer. Your dermatologist can help prescribe the right combo for your face.

Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, DO, FAOCD
Many self diagnosed oily skin, dry skin etc causing could be misleading their wallets towards poverty. Acne is easy to treat but many self treatments cause uncontrolled acne and severe scarring. Scarring is difficult and expensive to treat. Spend on proper going to a dermatologist instead of local stores to fix your problem. Self diagnosis can drain your purse insidiously.
Yes, I prefer gels or "dry lotions" for oily skin....for example, Elta sunscreen has a "clear" 46 sunblock that is super light. Another company makes 2% Salicylic lotion that's light. DML also has a non-comedogenic lotion.
I would not. For those with oily skin the only really effective treatment is a course of isotretinoin which will temporarily make the dryness part worse but will permanently fix the oilyness. Gels and other products for oily skin are just marketing fluff that make a lot of money for companies that make them and doctors that sell them.
There’s no objection to try it, sometimes, astringent cleansers are more appropriate.