Chiropractor Questions Hip Pain

I have sudden severe hip pain. What should I do?

From last week I've had severe pain that stretches up to my left hip, and the pain worsens when I'm sitting upright. Any advice?

13 Answers

See a chirorpactor
I would get evaluated by your chiropractor. In the mean time I would look for stretches online for that area of your body.
Get an exam
I work with these cases dozens of times every month.

I would schedule a consultation with a chiropractor who can take x-rays of the area and who also will do hands-on adjustments.

Yes, I would recommend seeking treatment from a chiropractor in your area. One thing I can promise, it won’t get better on its own.

Dr. Duchon
You should have your hip examined and x-rays or MRI taken to determine what is causing severe pain. Then proceed to find the proper course of action when you know what is going on.
Depending on if the movement cause pain or not, I will definitely see a physician
Have the hip X-rayed
I would have to ask more questions about the pain to give you good advice. I recommend contacting a chiropractor in your area for an examination. Walking is very beneficial in most cases of hip and low back pain. At least 45 minutes per day.
Hello there, sorry to hear you are suffering through this. Let me preface this with I'm not in front of you examining you and these are just recommendations based on what you've typed above: I would go to get it checked out by a chiropractor as we are experts at looking into joint dysfunction. If this is indeed an issue with your hips not moving right (which I'm inclined to believe it is since sitting aggravates it) then a chiropractor is the place to go. If you there they should take x-rays to make sure if this is a issue with your hip or somewhere else. I hope this helps.
Depends on how it started. If it is an acute pain from trauma, then it may need some ice and rest. If it is a slow, deep pain, you will need it evaluated to rule out anything serious. A chiropractic evaluation would be a great start to determine what a next step should be.
I would see a chiropractor. It sounds like you may be developing sciatica or more probable a piriformis syndrome. Both can be effectively treated by a DC.
While you have waited days, it should be checked out soon. See your local doctor of chiropractic. It may as simple as a trigger point, a misalignment of your sacrum, or something far worse. Do not wait any longer.