Podiatrist Questions Fungal Infections

Ingrown toe nail post removal

I had a really bad ingrown toenail and ended up going to a podiatrist where he removed just a little bit of the side, not the whole toenail, around 6 months ago. My toenail has never grown at all since and is now very yellow. Will it ever grow back? I’m certain I now have a fungal infection because of the yellowing but what I’m most concerned with is whether it will ever grow again?

Complaint duration: 6months

1 Answer

Did he do a procedure that removes or kills the nail root in the corner of the nail? If so, that may be the reason the nail is not growing there. The yellow can be a fungus. It can also be a result of constant nail polish use. Nail polish has chemicals that can damage the nail, discolor the nail, or make the nail susceptible to fungal infection.