Ophthalmologist Questions Blurry vision

There's an intense pain in my eyes and my vision is blurry. What could this be from?

I am have an intense pain in my eyes and my vision seems to be very blurred. I am extremely irritated with this problem as I can't drive or work due to this. What could this problem be?

9 Answers

You need to see an eye doctor immediately!!! Go right now!!!
Pain and blurriness can be a serious problem. You could have a narrow angle glaucoma attack or uveitis; both of these are blinding diseases. Please see an eye physician (ophthalmologist) immediately.
There are many possibilities as to why there could be intense pain and blurred vision. The best thing to do is to make a very urgent or emergent appointment with an ophthalmologist (an eye MD) so that they can determine the cause of this problem. This needs to be evaluated tomorrow.

Sean Adrean MD
I am advising you to see an eye doctor immediately, this might be uveitis (inflammation of the uveal tissue inside your eye), or glaucoma (high pressure of the eye) or even a corneal ulcer. See a doctor as soon as possible
It could be Glaucoma or dry eye syndrome. You need to get right in and have your eye pressure tested. Don’t wait.
It could be anything from dry eye to glaucoma. You should go to an eyecare doctor to be evaluated.
Sorry, there is insufficient information to answer this question with any certainty. However, I strongly advise you immediately see an eye care professional.
Sudden intense pain can occur from dry areas on the eye surface due to exposure of corneal nerve endings. Wetting or lubricant eye drops help to reduce its occurrence. If persistent, see an eye doctor to exclude glaucoma, infection or foreign bodies on your eye.
There are many possibilities, and the likelihood of one over another depends on the answers to other questions and a good exam by an ophthalmologist. Iritis and severe dry eye or ocular surface disorder are two of the more common conditions to give those symptoms. Again, there are MANY others!