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Is a chiropractic treatment effective for migraines?

I am a 34 year old female who has migraines. Is a chiropractic treatment effective for migraines?

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Chiropractic typically gets great results with migraines.
Yes. Migraine responds very well to adjustments.
in 30 years I have seen 4 real migraine sufferers. Most headaches are caused by tension or toxicity. The MTHFR gene may be activated. And real migraines can be prevented with 20 mg prozac... and in treating 1000's of ladies for 30 years, I have found only 4 with true migraines.
Chiropractic has been very successful in the treatment of many different types of migraines.
Yes. Chiropractic treatment may be very beneficial for treating migraine headache symptoms. Treatment generally is focused on reducing the tension in the suboccipital region, cervical paraspinal muscles and trapezius. Tension in these areas can affect the Greater Occipital nerve and have an effect on circulation as well. Give it a try!
Take care and be well.

Dr. Eric Miller
Very often yes
It can be.
This depends on the cause of the migraines. Most migraines have a structural component, meaning Chiropractic would be effective. Some migraines are from dietary or hormonal imbalances, where nutrition and lifestyle therapies are effective. Some Chiropractors not only work on structural imbalances but nutritional imbalances as well. A thorough treatment plan can make all the difference.