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Is acupuncture good for sprained ankles?

I am a 30 year old male and I have a sprained ankle. Is acupuncture good for sprained ankles?

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yes. I encourage you to book a session with your practitioner of choice to get help with relief.
Yes, indeed. I have treated my own and others' sprains very successfully with acupuncture and moxa.
Yes, it is useful to help decrease swelling and inflammation as well as muscle recovery and increasing circulation to the area; this aids in the healing process.
A sprained ankle is the reason why I was interested in becoming an acupuncturist. If there is no bone broken, acupuncture will reduce the swelling and improve circulation around the ankles. In order to increase the circulation on the ankle, an acupuncturist may put the needles around the upper leg, ankle, and foot. Sometimes, if there is a noticeable swelling, we use bleeding cupping to reduce the swelling or put the acupuncture needles on the opposite leg to redirect the too much blood flow on the affected leg. We can use a herbal medicine to facilitate the healing of tendons and muscles.
When it comes to any musculo-skeletal matter with pain, acupuncture can safely be said to help most of such cases. Sprained ankle is one of popular conditions that acupuncture can help treat.
Yes. Acupuncture works well for most people with sprained ankles.
Yes it can speed the rate of recovery and help with pain relief.
Acupuncture can help reduce inflammation, swelling, and reduce pain.
Yes! With an herbal patch, it may help you recover faster.
I personally have had good luck with sprains, but it depends upon a few factors. Are you sure that it is only sprained? Have you had x-rays? Have you seen a doctor? Can you put any pressure on it at all? Are you overweight? Added pounds certainly won't help with weight-bearing.

Acupuncture can help over several treatments but lifestyle factors play a part. You need to make sure you are wearing supportive shoes. In the summer I like to live in flip flops but they are horrible supports if you have ankle and feet problems. If you work at a job where you are on your feet all day you may not get much of a result with acupuncture. If you are working, make sure to stop and stretch the calves and rotate the ankles frequently to ensure good blood flow. Lightly massaging the calves and the Achilles tendon couldn't hurt. If you work out, you need to make sure that you don't overstretch the legs, or if walking, try not to take too wide of a stride. Or lay off exercise all together if possible for a few days at least to allow it to heal properly. Try heat and ice on the ankle and see which feels better to alleviate the pain. Or alternate between heat and ice.

All that being said, yes, acupuncture can help but it really depends on what you do or don't do for yourself that can make the difference. Good luck!!!
Acupuncture, massage, and herbs can help fix your problems, go for it!
“Acupuncture therapy for ankle sprain has lots of advantages since it has higher acceptability and less pain, and it can reduce the use of other drugs, thereby decrease risks and costs... many clinical studies confirmed that acupuncture was effective for alleviating the symptoms of ankle sprain.”
Yes. It can expedite the healing process and relieve some pain. I would personally use some herbs to treat this also topically on the area.
Acupuncture is very good at helping to heal injuries. We also have herbs to help with the healing process.
Yes, acupuncture can help with sprained ankles. I've had great success with it.

Hello! Yes, acupuncture can treat sprained ankles. I would recommend getting a treatment as soon as possible, for quick recovery time.
Yes, it is.

Yes, acupuncture can reduce swelling and pain as well as speed up recovery. Sometimes a tendon or ligament has been stretched. Acupuncture cannot fix this issue.
Excellent results. You should try it.
Yes, acupuncture very good for ankles sprained. Before I treat many patients with this problems, usually take 3-4 sessions make the clinical cured for them.
Acupuncture will help your sprain heal faster.
Acupuncture can help with sprained ankles. Acupuncture basically helps with promoting blood circulation especially in the area where the pain is. It brings fresh blood to the area to help expedite the healing process and that is how it can help with sprained ankles.
Yes, acupuncture is good for sprained ankles, it can heal up the sprained ankles.
Yes. Acupuncture is very effective in treating and preventing injuries. Your practitioner may also have you apply some liniment to aid the healing process.
Acupuncture can be a good choice for acute injury. In my experience, techniques like bleeding and moxibustion provide superior results in these cases.

All acupuncturists are trained in the use and application of moxibustion. This technique can be a little smokey, so not everyone actually does it.

Bleeding is likewise part of most training programs, although there are some states that restrict its application and there are some acupuncturists who are not comfortable with the technique and either rarely use it or don't use it.

If you haven't already done so, your first stop should be your primary care doc or an urgent care. Imaging and an evaluation will help you know exactly what you're dealing with in terms of damage.

If you chose to go the acupuncture route, you can use the "Find a Practitioner" lookup at to get a list of local licensed acupuncturists (unless you're in CA). Give some of these providers a call and see if they use moxa/bleeding techniques or specialize in pain management.