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Is appendicitis surgery painful?

I am a 19 year old male who will have appendicitis surgery. Is appendicitis surgery painful?

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Absolutely. Any doctor that tells you otherwise is an unscrupulous bleep. Any type of surgery will hurt. If I cut you with a knife, would it not hurt? Therefore, if I’m cutting with a knife, taking
out a vestigial organ, putting you back together, and waking you up in the morning, do you think you should have pain? If you chose no, you’re either a masochist, or have a tolerance for pain as well above and beyond normal. If the latter is the case, good for you. Albeit, you run the risk of killing yourself. Don’t die because of false pride.
Post op pain varies.
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All sugeries are painfull. But your doctor will order pain medication for you.
It is generally a well tolerated operation, especially if done laparoscopically. Patients receive pain medication while in the hospital. I typically prescribe 20 tabs (5 days worth) of pain medication after discharge, and most people seem not to even need to take that much.
Any abdominal surgery is painful when you walk or cough for a few days. If it has not ruptured and is done by laser and you can go home by 24 hours eating a regular diet.