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Is bipolar disorder hereditary?

I am a 19 year old girl and I have seen my mother suffering from bipolar disorder since the last 12 years. I am now experiencing mood swings in myself as well. Is bipolar disorder hereditary? What can I do to prevent it?

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Yes mood disorders can be hereditary. You should not ignore your mood swings. If you get help early on, you are likely to have very good results.
Yes, there is a possibility. Try to have stress free life as best as possible, without indulging in the use of drugs or alcohol.
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Yes, there is a hereditary component to bipolar disorder. Your best chances are to be evaluated by a psychiatrist and start medication IF you do have the illness.
It does occur more in families. Make sure you get your sleep each night. No drugs and little alcohol. Exercise regularly. Learn meditation and practice daily. Omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil may help. Nordic Naturals liquid 2 times a day, teaspoon. See a psychiatrist if you are not sleeping or can't turn your mind off.

Bipolar disorder is greatly overdiagnosed. True bipolar disorder has a genetic component. In the adopted-away studies, identical twins who were separated at birth and raised in different families go into a data base. In the case of bipolar disorder, if one twin has the disorder 50% of the time the other twin will have the disorder. For prevention, in my practice I do very extensive nutritional/metabolic testing. Two of the biggest issues that contribute to ALL illness are inflammation and toxicity. Chronic digestive problems wreak havoc with total body biochemistry. By addressing issues of a healthy life-style, you can make it much less likely that a bipolar gene will get expressed.
If a family member has a bipolar disorder, it predisposes you to a higher risk of having bipolar disorder. I recommend seeing a mental health provider to further discuss your mood swings and consult on ways to reduce your risk such as (improving your sleep, avoiding all substances and alcohol, stress management etc...)
Sure! It is genetic. Please get a Psychiatric eval. Excercise, therapy to control mood, and medication will be needed to control mood.
All the best.
There is an hereditary predisposition in bipolar disorder development. You can avoid severe worsening of the tendency by avoiding alcohol and marijuana. Maintenance of general health is desirable and early psychiatric evaluation for advisability of prescriptive intervention is needed.
Bipolar disorder does have a strong genetic influence and if you have a positive family history and are also getting mood symptoms, you should not delay the treatment. It's imperative that you see your doctor right away and start treatment, please.
Bipolar or other mood disorders can run through a family. If you are noticing significant mood issues in your self, can start with therapy and with time it will show if require medications or no.
Bipolar disorder is hereditary and you should consult a psychiatrist to discuss your symptoms.