Chiropractor Questions Neck Pain

Is chiropractic treatment effective for neck pain?

I'm 32, I have been dealing with chronic neck pain for more than 6 months. Nothing really helps me. Is chiropractic treatment effective for neck pain?

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Pain is controlled in the brain and chiropractic adjustments help to change that signal in the brain. Spinal adjustments work great for neck pain.
Absolutely!!! Neck pain, along with lower back pain, are what chiropractors deal with most often. Studies show that chiropractors also achieve the best results with these issues versus other treatment options.
Yes. Chiropractic care can be effective to treat neck pain. There should be a through examination into the diagnosis of your neck pain, and if chiropractic care can treat that diagnosis, it is very effective.
Absolutely, chiropractic is effective for treatment of neck pain. There are seven cervical vertebrae that are normally freely movable to allow neck motif in many directions. Occasionally, a vertebra gets locked or fixated and irritates the spinal nerves that exit between the vertebrae. The chiropractor will manipulate or adjust the fixation or subluxation and put that vertebrae back into motion. It may take several treatments to attain the proper alignment. You should seek chiropractic help as soon as possible to avoid any longer term issues.
I would definitely suggest seeing a chiropractor. It will address the underlying cause of the neck pain most effectively!
Good luck!

Yes, it very effective for neck pain. Most neck pain is caused by a lack of the normal cervical lordosis (forward curve of the neck). This increased stress on the muscles and ligaments causes joint fixations and nerve irritation. Chiropractic manipulation can help correct this.
Absolutely! Chronic neck pain lasting more than 6 months is definitely a chiropractic problem. Any chiropractor could help you out. Just be sure that the chiropractor does a thorough exam and takes X-rays of at least the area of complaint which would be a minimum of 2 X-rays, one from the front and one from the side. Watch out for the offices that will say you can come in and get an adjustment without an evaluation. I would not trust my neck to an office like that. Necks can degenerate pretty fast, significant changes can be seen on X-ray in less than a year, and don't typically produce symptoms until the damage is significant. You want to see if this is a more recent, 6 month, problem or the presenting symptoms of a degenerative condition that has been going on for the past 10 years. I see this all the time in patients your age as this is a common situation and complaint I see in patients 26-35. But whatever is found the chiropractor would be able to help you to correct your problem.

Dr. Hanson
Is chiropractic treatment effective for neck pain? The answer is yes.
Absolutely, Chiropractic is the best therapy for treating neck pain.