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Is dental anesthesia safe for children?

My 9 year old son will have a dental procedure under anesthesia. Is dental anesthesia safe for children?

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Any kind of anesthetic might have side effects but they are not common. So seeking treatment with qualified doctor is pretty safe.
Local anesthesia also has some risk. But this is rare.
Yes, usually child needs a small amount
Yes, extremely safe. However, if you are still concerned, --- then seek out a dentist that uses a laser called Solea. This is the only laser on the market that can CUT TEETH AND GUMS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR DENTAL ANESTHESIA. It is ideal for children.
Yes, but it depends on the level of anesthesia. Anything IV or general needs to be monitored. Local, only to make sure people don't hurt themselves during or after the appointment due to not feeling things normally.
If you are asking about local anesthetic (a shot), those are generally safe with minimal risk. If you are asking about general anesthesia, you should have a talk with your dentist and anesthesiologist about the risks. Those may vary depending on your child's health.

It is safe. But if he has allergies against anesthesia, then it is a different story.
Thank you.
Absolutely, in order for a provider to do anesthesia for children in the US, they have to pass multiple classes and have provided sedation under supervision for so many hours. Every state gave their own criteria, but in general, there are tough requirements that not too many dentists could pass in order to qualify. So please be rest assured, your child is safe under a dental professional supervision.
Dental anesthesia is safe for children! However, it is very important that full disclosure of the child's medical history status is given. This is important for the the dentist to evaluate and determine the anesthesia technique, type and dosage that is appropriate for the treatment procedure.
Dr. Fox
Yes, it's safe. Depends on the dentist's or orthodontist's experience.