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Is general anesthesia used for ankle surgery?

I am a 29 year old male. I want to know if general anesthesia is used for ankle surgery?

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General anesthesia is an option. It can also be done with regional nerve blocks and spinal anesthesia.
Ankle injuries and fractures are often difficult to treat, and recovery can take a long time. If surgery is necessary, general anesthesia plus a nerve block are used quite often together. This is because the surgery is often complex and takes time and the surgeon will use a tourniquet around the thigh to stop blood circulation into the patient's leg during the surgery.
Ankle surgery can be performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. If done under spinal you will still receive some sedation. However, it would be very challenging (and painful) to do under a local anesthetic. 
Yes, general anesthesia is usually used for ankle surgery, but a combination of popliteal and saphenous nerve blocks could potentially effectively block the ankle.
It can be. Also, a regional anesthetic would be a good option, like a spinal anesthetic or nerve block of your lower leg.
Yes, general anesthesia is used for ankle surgery. Choice is made mutually by anesthesiologist and the patient and that decision depends on some other variables like the invasiveness of the surgery, use of metal, length of time needed for that particular surgery, positioning of the patient, patients underlying health and other comorbidities, age of the patient, etc. Other option is to use nerve blocks for ankle block with or without propofol drip and narcotics plus benzodiazepines, with or without LMA or just ankle block, local block in the area of surgery. There are numerous options.

Could be done under spinal or general anesthesia or Bier block.