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Is heat good for wisdom teeth pain?

I am a 21 year old male and I have wisdom tooth pain. Is heat good for wisdom teeth pain?

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For wisdom teeth pain you need to see a doctor.
You have to try it yourself, there are some stages of the infection of a wisdom tooth and one of them reacts by calming to warmth.
Ice packs usually feel better. If heat feels better use it.
One prior compresses can’t be helpful for pain but I would also recommend rinsing with either salt or half a glass of water and peroxide

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Dr. Mark Berkowitz
Heat is not necessarily good for wisdom tooth pain. They are probably on the verge of erupting from the gum. Visit your dentist.
Heat may actually be contraindicated if the pain you are having is from inflammation. It's best to see a dentist to determine if the pain is from the tooth erupting into the mouth, or if there is no room, then the pain may be indicative of other issues or problems.
No, you have to see a dentist.
See your local dentist to evaluate your wisdom teeth. They may be impacted or have decay going in the pulp chamber.

Sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth pain. Generally, heat does not alleviate pain from wisdom teeth. It normally makes pain worse. That being said, if you have tried it and it helps, then it will help you. Pain is usually caused by inflammation and swelling. At this point, you would want to see a doctor to correctly identify where the pain is coming from and appropriately treat it. The doctor can also tell you appropriate medication to take (example: ibuprofen, Vicodin, antibiotic, etc.) as well.
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Best of luck to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD