Dentist Questions Electric toothbrushes

Is it OK for kids to use an electric toothbrush?

My daughter is 8 years old and we're thinking about getting her an electric toothbrush for her teeth. Is it okay for kids to use an electric toothbrush?

7 Answers


Yes, it is okay for her to use an electronic toothbrush. An electronic toothbrush will help clean areas that a regular toothbrush cannot and will reach surfaces that are hard to clean. Thank you for your question.
Yes, electric toothbrush when used properly can remove plaque better than manual ones.
Yes, it’s more than ok for kids to use an electric toothbrush. In fact, they make ones specifically for kids. Kids tend to get excited to brush their teeth when you make it fun!
Yes. In fact, it’s ideal.

Electric toothbrushes for kids are a great idea! Most importantly, they have timers to ensure they brush for the full 2 minutes.
Yes, it is fine to use electric toothbrush at this age, but proper brushing techniques still need to be utilized. Make sure she reaches all surfaces of the teeth as well as along the gum line.
Yes. Sonicare markets their Sonicare for kids toothbrush to children several years old and up.

Marc D. Thomas, DDS