Dentist Questions Mouth ulcer

Is it okay to swallow the gel applied for a mouth ulcer?

I use a OTC mouth gel to treat my mouth ulcer, and I accidentally swallowed the gel. Is this okay?

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Health regulators only licensed gels that are safe to swallow.
If it not a poison it should not be a problem. I would not advise swallowing it since it could upset your stomach
The ingredients in oral ulcer mouth gels contain benzocaine to numb, an antiseptic and an ointment to cover the sore area, swallowing a small amount is of no concern and not harmful.
Best to have oral sores checked by your dentist for professional care and treatment options.

Dr. Joe Ferraro
If a small amount it's fine. But get a full glass of water
It should not be a problem. Make sure that you follow the package instructions. Take the time to read the package insert.
A little bit won’t hurt, but always follow the instructions on the bottle.
A very small amount is okay.
While it is not the intention to be swallowed, small amounts of oral meds for ulcers is expected to be ingested without harm, as long as you have no known allergies to the ingredients.
An OTC gel may not harm you in a small quantity, yet I would defer to the written manufacturer's recommendation in that scenario.
The ADA stamp for approval, which is on all medications topical or otherwise, for consumption or use by patients that is made for dentistry is safe to consume as long as it's in small amounts as in an accidental occurrence.
Small amounts are harmless and shouldn't be a probloem.
With a product meant to be used in the mouth, small amounts are okay to swallow.
An occasional swallow will do you no harm. After all, the gel is in your mouth and no matter what some will end up in your stomach.
A small amount of the gel will not do you any damage. Don't worry about it.
A small amount of gel will not harm if swallowed.
Yes that’s ok! Don’t worry about it!
It's fine. It will numb in the throat for about 5 mins and then wear off.
Yes, it is OK to swallow the gel. Typically, medications that are safe to be placed in the mouth are safe for ingestion in small amounts.

Jennifer Rankin, DDS
Yes should be no problem.
Usually, the gels dispensed for mouth ulcers are safe if swallowed, but you should still try to spot and read the label for more instructions.

Yes, it's perfectly okay, so please don't worry. OTC products many times don't have the same strength or potency as prescription grade products, but even then, if you ingest a little bit - unless you're totally allergic to it - you won't cause any harm to your system.
Most of the over-the-counter gels for mouth ulcers contain orabase and benzocaine. The orabase is just a carrier for the benzocaine and will not hurt you. The benzocaine can make your stomach upset, but at small quantities, it will probably not be an issue unless you are sensitive to the drug.
It depends on what the active ingredients in the oral gel is. Most oral gels shouldn't have any side effects if swallowed accidentally, because it is for use in the mouth. If you swallowed accidentally then the amount would not be enough to do any harm. Just be careful, because too much of anything can not be good.
If the gel is indicated for use topically on ulcers inside your mouth, it should be safe to accidentally swallow a small amount.
OTC mouth gels usually contain Benzocaine and they are safe to be used in the mouth in small doses and it’s okay if accidentally swallowed; however, it’s not safe to use them on infants! If accidentally swallowed and begin to experience headache, fatigue, confusion, and fast heart beating, seek medical care immediately.

Dr. Shahbandi
Swallowing an OTC gel for aphthous ulcers will not be harmful.

Justin W. Ruffner, DDS
Yes, it is fine. If it was harmful, they would not sell it OTC for the mouth.
Most probably yes, but try not to make a habit of ingesting anything that is not meant to be ingested. There are usually warning remarks on the label of the product that explains if swallowing it is dangerous. Some are meant for only external use and sores.
It will not hurt you.
I wouldn't make a habit of it, but of you swallowed a little bit, you'll be fine :)
It's not recommended but generally harmless.
Usually OTC mouth relief anesthetic contains benzocaine. Moderate use of this gel and swallowing of some of the gel should not be a problem. The tongue and throat may have some momentary loss of feeling. I would not recommend swallowing the material directly from the tube however.
A small quantity shouldn't hurt anything.
sometimes it’s ok. Shouldn’t be on a daily basis.
Most likely this is a topical anesthetic and swallowing a small amount will not hurt you. Your throat might feel strange for a few minutes, but that's it. It's not good for children to ingest.
As long as the consumption was minimal, you are just fine.
Hi there,
Yes it is ok. If you accidentally swallowed it. Read the instructions on pack for more information.
But if you get these ulcers very frequently, I would recommend to see a dentist to see what are those ulcers and what causing them. There could be various reasons for mouth ulcers.
Hope this helps.
Gels applied for mouth ulcers are usually benzocaine which when swallowed is neutralized by the stomach. These gels do nothing to promote healing. They just numb the tenderness.