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Is it safe to have teas and herbs during pregnancy?

I am a 23 year old female. I want to know is it safe to have teas and herbs during pregnancy?

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Not really. As spices and herbs in food - yes. As a tea or supplement, use with caution. There are few that are safe - raspberry leaf, ginger root, peppermint are a few of those.
Only if prescribed by a well-trained herbalist. Read more here: https://philaholisticclinic.com/herbal-medicine-herbalist-near-me/
Please seek your OBGYN before ingesting any herbs or herbal teas.
Usually but consult your physician

So, like anything else, there is a huge variety of teas and herbs. For the most part, most of them will be safe. Unfortunately, there could always be one that is dangerous. Most likely, there can be some that just haven't been studies as of yet. The teas and herbs that are common are probably fine. It is just hard to say the blanket statement that "All are safe."
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Joseph A. Adashek, MD FACOG
Some teas are safe but not all. You really need to work with a skilled practitioner with herbal training to help you figure out what's safe in pregnancy
It greatly depends on the tea and herb you want to consume, if it safe during pregnancy. Check out this great resource from American Pregnancy Association.
There are many herbs and teas contraindicated in pregnancy. There are some safe teas such as chamomile and ginger which can help with nausea during pregnancy.
Not recommended.

Tea contains caffeine as does coffee and some sodas. Generally, limiting your caffeine intake to one or two servings a day is safe. As for the herbs, most are safe but you may want to ask your obstetrician about specific herbs.