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I am having some pain around my pelvic region. Could it be a symptom of something?

I am experiencing a strange dull pain just below my navel around the pelvic region. What could this be? Is it a symptom of something?

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Chronic pelvic pain can have multiple causes, including: infection, neuropathies, endometriosis in women and prostatitis in men and other causes like interstitial cystitis.Just as there is no one test to diagnose the cause of pelvic pain, the treatments vary depending on what is determined to be the cause of the pain. Usually, best results are achieved if the patient has a multi-disciplinary pain management treatment approach. Treatment can include: medication management, surgery, antibiotics, injections, spinal cord stimulation (SCS), behavioral therapies and pelvic floor exercises.
That is a very good question. It has a complicated differential (things that could cause the pain) that includes hernia, diverticulitis, appendicitis, pulled abdominal muscle, bladder infection, pelvic infection, uterine pain, etc;

See your primary care Physician more urgently if you are having nausea or vomiting or fever or chills. A review of your history and probably some diagnostic studies may be warranted.
I am sorry a simple answer is not available but again if fever or chils, nausea or vomiting a quicker more urgent work up is necessary.

These limited symptoms can be caused by Gastrointestinal system (colon, appendix, stomach, or hernias); Genitourinary (bladder infection, cystitis (bladder inflammation), Pelvic Inflamatory Disease, Uterine issues (fibromas, inflammation etc...). Severity and associated symptoms are important then a work up can be completed based on your responses.

Hope you get better soon. See your PCP or urgent care doctor for an examination and complete history review.
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