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Is maxillofacial surgery used to treat jaw diseases?

What type of surgery treats jaw diseases? Is it maxillofacial?

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Typically the answer would be yes, but it also depends on the type of disease. Some maxillofacial surgeons do not treat malignancies (cancer) of the jaws, while others might.
Maxillofacial is loose term that can pertain to more than one facial and jaw structure. See a dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment modality.
Yes many jaw diseases are treated by Maxiiiofacial surgeons. Some jaw cancers are referred to otolaryngologists(ENT surgeons). Some jaw diseases such as periodontal disease is treated either at a general dentist or referred to a periodontist.
Yes, maxillofacial surgery can treat some jaw diseases.
Typically, a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacacial Surgeon will treat diseases of the Jaw. However there are Physicians who are head and neck surgeons. they also take care of jaw surgeries.
Depends on the disease - the answer would be yes.