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Is molar extraction painful?

I am a 33 year old male. I will have a molar extraction. Is molar extraction painful?

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While there is a lot of pressure during the extraction of a tooth there should be no pain during the procedure. The painfulness of after extraction of any tooth depends on a few factors such as; age, tooth, location of tooth, angle of the tooth, how far broken down the tooth is, etc.
Age plays the same role as when we worry about elderly people falling and breaking a bone. As we get older our bones become more stiff. When a tooth is extracted the jaw bone has to be flexible around the roots in order for it to come out. This gets happens less when we are older. If the bone is stiffer then the tooth is going to require more force and thought to remove. This means the post-operative discomfort may be more.
The type tooth it is does make things more complicated and the amount of discomfort felt afterward could be influenced on how the tooth is extracted. A molar usually has between 2 or 3 roots (sometimes more). The jaw bone around these roots is going to have to be more flexible unless the tooth is sectioned into the individual roots and then removed. Less flexing of the jaw bone usually means less discomfort after the extraction.
If the tooth hard to get to then it could mean that there is more force applied in certain areas instead of spreading it around. This may have more discomfort afterward. Hope this helps.

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William F. Scott IV, DMD
1. A small amount of discomfort "pain" is possible for up to 2 days post-op. Must follow directions of dentist or oral surgeon doing the treatment. 2. Any tobacco or other type of smoking or vaping could make things worse. 3. Uncontrolled diabetes and other medical conditions may contribute to post-op pain. 4. Swelling and other post-op circumstances make a difference, too. 5. Every person and presenting set of patient conditions make the answer to this question highly variable. 6. Having treatment by somebody you trust is very important so getting a referral from family or friends is a good idea.
Molar extractions are no different than other teeth extractions unless they are fully or partially impacted (buried) or have infection in the surrounding bone.
It depends on the skill level of the dentist. Pain after is common, but not during.
Not necessarily. If extractions are done by an experienced and knowledgeable doctor, they shouldn't be painful and there should be minimal recovery time after.
If it's not a wisdom tooth (third molar), you should NOT extract it unless it's fractured and cannot be saved. As far as pain's concerned, if done properly, there should not be too much discomfort. Another service we offer is placing collagen or a bone graft material which fills in the socket area and reduces what's known as a dry socket. But consider having a root canal procedure vs. extraction if able. 

The more confident and relaxed the patient, the better the result. This does not mean you should pre-medicate yourself with alcohol or such. That will make matters worse. Remember to breathe and concentrate on pleasant thoughts.
All should go well.