Surgeon Questions Wounds And Injuries

Is my surgical wound infected?

There's some redness and swelling on my stomach where my surgical wound is. Could this mean that it's infected? I had the surgery a few days ago.

6 Answers

Yes, can be. Triple Antibiotic with pain reliever normally works to treat the infection.
Initially after surgery there is some slight redness and slight swelling at the site of surgery. If the swelling gets worse and the redness persist and now more and more localized tenderness I would be concerned about infection and again have your surgeon evaluate the surgical site. Usually however within the first couple of days Slight swelling, tenderness, and slight redness is a common occurrence.
As always, it is impossible to know without actually seeing the wound and knowing the entire story. I can say from your description that your concern is reasonable.
Yes. Please see your surgeon for evaluation.
Some redness may occur due to healing and local inflammation. You should have a follow-up visit with your surgeon who will be better able to determine if there is infection.
It's possible. I would check with your surgeon.