Family Practitioner Questions Hair Loss

Is there any remedy for hair loss?

I am suffering from extreme hair loss especially during my exams and tests. What can I do to treat this problem? Does it indicate any deficiency in my body?

3 Answers

It may be due to your thyroid gland, or hormones, or vitamin def. You need to have a full lab work up by your family medicine doctor. You can also see a dermatologist.

Dr. Onika A. Popo-James, D.O.
Hair loss is common during stressful times. It can also be a sign of iron deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, and other health problems. If you haven’t had blood tests done recently, see your doctor.
Hello! It seems that your loss of hair loss is associated with stress/anxiety related to exams/tests, but there are many other conditions that can cause it, such as thyroid, anemia, mineral deficiency and others. It would be good to see a doctor, before trying to take any sort of oral treatment.