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Is varicose vein surgery painful?

I am a 41 year old female and I will have surgery for varicose veins. Is varicose vein surgery painful?

4 Answers

Mild discomfort is common, but temporary. In general, it is an easy recovery and is not terribly painful.
Open surgery in most cases is associated with pain initially; so the answer is Yes. You will need regular analgesia and regular walks in the first week or so.
Not necessarily
Varicose vein procedures are mostly minimally invasive, performed in an outpatient or office setting, and take about 1 hour to perform. Pain is an experience that is difficult to gauge; however, most of the patients treated with the newer technologies of thermal ablations or microfoam ablations have very limited periods of pain during the procedure (most of the time limited to the 3-5 minutes it takes to get the numbing medicine in the skin to surround the treated vein). Once this part of the procedure is through, you should not feel any pain whatsoever so if you do, you need to alert your physician. If you are having your varicose veins surgically removed, you may want to investigate the lesser invasive options available today. If you are scheduled for an ambulatory microphlebectomy, you should receive enough anesthetic that there should be minimal pain. Best of luck to you! Remember, communicate with your physician about your concerns. For the most part, it should be a gratifying procedure with little real pain!!