Dentist Questions Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Is a wisdom tooth removal painful?

I need to get 3 of my wisdom teeth removed. Will this be painful?

9 Answers

Post-surgery, yes. It's your body. You should be able to manage the pain with pain meds.
Yes, but usually not intense. You may need pain medication for a day or 2, but typically not beyond that.
There are no two extractions alike. In general, they are not painful as anesthesia is administered right way.

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The discomfort associated with any tooth removal is not necessarily experienced at the time of the extraction. The healing phase is when we feel the discomfort, and your dentist or surgeon will prescribe medications to assist you with that. Of course, any procedure can possibly cause some discomfort, but we usually have that under control with local anesthetic. If you are very nervous about the procedure, many oral surgeons will perform conscious sedation using IV drugs and medications. That may be a direction you might want to look into. Good luck with your 3rd molar extractions. Another factor that affects the degree of pain is whether the teeth need to be surgically exposed and removed if impacted, versus already
erupted molars which may be easier and faster to remove and extract. Your dental surgeon will review all of this in advance of the procedure. Be sure to ask questions if you still have any at the time of consultation.
The procedure itself is not painful as you will be given anesthesia. However, you will experience during the healing process after and you can take pain medications to help with that.
You will probably not feel any pain during the surgery because you should be well numbed for this. I would expect you to have pain after the surgery. I would normally expect things to get better after a couple of days. Your dentist will prescribe pain medications that will help to manage the post-operative discomfort.
With care by the dental team, you should have no pain whatsoever with the anaesthetic for the tooth removal and during the procedure to remove the wisdom tooth. After the numbness has worn off you may experience minor discomfort that should be able to be controlled with pain killers
It depends on the level of the impaction. We would need to look at the X-rays to evaluate the difficulty of extraction. The dentist or the oral surgeon who is doing the extractions should be able to explain the procedure and the healing process.
The procedure should not be, you will be either numbed up or be put out with some type of sedation. Yes after the procedure it could be sore the doctor will determine what type of post operative pain control is needed.