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Is severe itching in the vagina during pregnancy a sign of an infection?

I am 5 months pregnant and suddenly I am suffering from severe vaginal itching. Is this normal in pregnancy or is it a sign of an infection?

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Could be. Ask your OB.
Most probably it is an infection. Ask your MD to check your blood sugar.
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Possibly yes
it sounds like a yeast infection - you can try over the counter or call your OB
Severe itching could be the sign of multiple issues, especially during pregnancy. I would suggest making an appointment with your OB doctor.
Itching is not normal and may be a sign of infection. You should see your healthcare for evaluation.

Michael Nethers, MD
Hard to tell without a pelvic exam. Yeast infections are very common with pregnancy and can cause significant itching. A pelvic exam and examination of your discharge will answer that. Some providers will just treat and see if helps. Yeast is not dangerous to your pregnancy but can be uncomfortable. If external itching could be a sensitivity or reaction to something you are coming in contact with (ie cosmetic, fabric etc). Not likely to be a medication allergy if only noting symptoms in the vagina. Not to be alarming but if confined to a very localized area (thumbnail size +/-) could be indicative of a herpes outbreak but there are usually sores and some level of pain. When all else has been ruled out this could be due to hormone. Always possible. Hope this helps.
Please discuss with your OB provider.
It is a sign of infection. It may be minor, commonly yeast, or could be something more serious, but should be evaluated by your obstetrician to be sure.
Over the counter yeast medications are safe during pregnancy, but if the itch is caused by something other than yeast it could adversely affect your pregnancy.
Get the yeast medication, but make an appointment with your obstetrician as well.
Yes, it could be. If it persists your obstetrician/midwife will examine you and confirm (or rule/out) an infection. You will then receive the appropriate treatment.