Pediatrician Questions Milk consumption

My child refuses to drink milk. Will it cause any health issues for him?

My child is 3 and a half years old and refuses to drink milk. Is it really important for kids to have milk everyday? What will happen if he stops drinking milk completely?

9 Answers

Milk is a good source of calcium, but so is cheese and yogurt. Calcium and Vitamin D fortified orange juice is another option.
Milk is a very important source of calcium for bone growth and kids, during their growth phase, are highly recommended to drink milk at least once a day.
After one year, a child does not need too much milk. Give milk products like yogurt or cheese instead.
There are many ways to entice a 3 year old to drink milk. Substitute cows milk with Yogurt, soy milk , almond milk. These products have Vitamins added.Cows milk can be given as a smoothie, adding berries or other fruits.
Not a problem!! Humans are the only mammals that drink milk after weaning
He does not have to have milk if he gets 16 oz of dairy from other sources, such as yogurt, cheese,pudding. etc. If he does not get calcium his bones get weak and he may be more likely to have a fracture. You can give calcium supplements.
Milk is a complete protein with much calcium but about one third of humans do not tolerate it well. Calcium and protein are available elsewhere in diet. I would not worry about a child that will not drink milk
There are plenty of kids who are perfectly healthy without milk. Just make sure he is getting enough calcium and vitamin d from other sources. If he eats other dairy products such as yogurt or cheese he should be fine.
There are dairy products like yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese the child can have.
If the child refuses all dairy products make sure Vitamin D and calcium are prescribed by your doc