Anesthesiologist Questions Knee Problems

I have knee pain after wearing high heels. What to do?

I am a 36 year old woman with a medium built. Off late I have been noticing that I have a shooting pain in my knees after I wear high heels. What could be the reason behind this? Will I need a surgery or some other form of treatment to have this condition rectified.

6 Answers

You need to be evaluated by your PCP
I would suggest looking into nerve root etiology st the level of the spine

This a question that would be better suited for an orthopedist to answer. I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you because this question is beyond my scope of expertise.

Dr Ketch
Change your shoes and don't wear high heel shoes
This question is best addressed by your family doctor, podiatrist or orthopedist. As an anesthesiologist, we usually don't address this.
Not likely surgery just yet. You need to see a pain specialist to evaluate you thoroughly as various things can cause this. Often enough staying off of heels for about 10-14 days will solve the issue. If not, you need to bee seen and checked out