Dermatologist Questions Laser Hair Removal

Can laser hair removal treatment cause any major side effects?

I want to have laser hair removal for my facial hair since I'm tired of having it waxed. Does laser hair removal have any side effects that I should be aware of?

9 Answers

Everything has side effects. Make sure you're going somewhere well-trained.
The wrong doctor can burn your skin or set the settings too low and cause more hair growth call us at 310-456-5459 or 310-443-4040 to schedule a consult we have three lasers
The biggest side effect is a burn, but as long as you are not tan, proper settings used, and in safe hands, should not be an issue.


Sapna Palep, MD
Laser hair removal is the same as burning the hair to its root, so scarring and infections from burns are possible side effects. Excessive hair can mean hormonal problems, so treating the cause of the problem could be a better solution. Go see a dermatologist.
Laser hair removal is a great option for hair removal. Some things to consider before getting laser hair removal are that several treatments spaced 6 weeks apart are required to get results. In addition, laser hair removal is not permanent. After a series of treatments, you will have a greatly reduced number of hairs (maybe even none!), but over time, the hairs
will start to grow in.

If laser hair removal is not done correctly, you can have unwanted side effects. These include burning or blistering of the skin, depigmentation or white spots, and increased hair growth. For best results, see a physician trained in laser procedures and have the procedure done in the fall or winter and when your skin is not tanned.
Improperly administered can cause burns, post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation, even scarring.
For the most part laser hair removal is very safe in the right hands. Side effects include burns, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and polycyclic hair growth. It is important to have yourself evaluated to make sure you are the right candidate.
Laser hair removal is the best solution. However you need to go to a dermatologist. If you go to places where they don’t have good Lasers they can burn your face. I see many cases of people trying to save money going to places that are not good. Remember you have only one face.
Yes! But they are rare, such as eye injury or burning.